Trashion Show

The Art of Trashion… the Memphis City Beautiful Curb Couture Trashion Show… ART + FASHION + FUN = TRASHION!

Green couture hits the runway with original designs by local artists, designers, retailers and Memphis’ leading fashion figures. The term “trashion” is a blending of the words trash and fashion. It is fashion that is made from recycled/repurposed materials – glass, trash bags, aluminum cans, bike tires, plastic bottles, old magazines, greeting cards and more.

All entries must be created from at least 75% discarded, recycled or repurposed materials…

This environmentally chic event is designed to educate the community about recycling and waste reduction in a unique way, raise awareness of Memphis City Beautiful and the many programs that are offered throughout the year, and to raise funds for the Memphis City Beautiful Community Grants Program… small grants offered to support neighborhood beautification and improvement projects.

Carrying forth a tradition established in the 1940’s, the Trashion Show can be recognized as a modern-day version of the “Miss City Beautiful” contest, used as a means to generate citizen involvement and awareness of the importance to make Memphis one of the most attractive cities in the nation.