Plant The Parkways

This public beautification program led by Memphis City Beautiful in partnership with Leadership Memphis & Volunteer Memphis is designed to engage hundreds of community volunteers to plant up to 1,000 flowering trees in order to renovate the historic Memphis Parkway System.

Completed in 1906, this beautiful tree-lined corridor creates a picturesque 11 mile border for The City of Memphis.  In the 1950’s Memphis City Beautiful dedicated the Parkway System as the city’s “Flowering Tree Trail” and for years planted native flowering trees to honor and memorialize local citizens. Over time, many of the trees died due to age, weather, and lack of funding.

In 2017, a grant was received from The Kresge Foundation to target the 8.5 miles of median in the Parkway System, and to begin to reestablish it as a gateway to the center city. Utilizing this grant MCB partnered with Leadership Memphis & Volunteer Memphis to implement the first phase of Plant the Parkways.  To date, this major public beautification program has mobilized 255 community volunteers from 40 organizations who worked together to plant 455 trees on the medians of  the historic Memphis Parkway System.

Using the existing planting plan, we are moving forward on Phase Two, to complete the Renaissance of the Memphis Parkway System and plant the remaining trees.

For more information or to donate to Plant the Parkways – call Memphis City Beautiful, 901-636-4410 or use this link to donate.