Mulch / Compost Program

The City of Memphis offers FREE mulch/compost to organizations within the city limits for community improvement projects. All applicants must fill out a Mulch/Compost Request Form that is available on the link below or from Memphis City Beautiful. Please see Rules and Regulations before submitting a request.


  1. Free mulch and compost is only available to organizations that are doing community improvement projects such as school gardens, community gardens, volunteer organizations, neighborhood associations and non-profit organizations within the Memphis city limits.
  2. No mulch/compost is available for personal or commercial use, or for resale of it or any product.
  3. Please submit mulch/compost request 2 weeks in advance of your desired pick-up or delivery date for approval from Memphis City Beautiful.
  4. Mulch/Compost requests can be made once every month.
  5. Deliveries are only available for requests of 3 cubic yards or more.
  6. If you request more than 3 yards of mulch or compost, a representative from Public Works will contact you via email to schedule delivery.
  7. If you are requesting less than 3 cubic yards, you will need to schedule pick-up with the representative from Public Works. You will also need to bring your truck or trailer. The City employees cannot load your vehicle, so please remember to bring shovels, pitchforks, etc.

To request mulch/compost, please complete the form below.