Mulch Program

The City of Memphis offers FREE mulch to organizations within the city limits for community improvement projects.

PLEASE NOTE: Compost donations will not be available until Spring 2023.

All applicants must fill out a Mulch Request Form. Please see Rules and Regulations before submitting a request.


  1. Free mulch is only available to community organizations and community improvement projects such as school gardens, community gardens, volunteer organizations, neighborhood associations, and nonprofit organizations within Memphis city limits.
  2.  No mulch is available for personal or commercial use, or for resale of it or any product.
  3. The mulch request much be submitted at least two weeks in advance of your desired pickup or delivery date for approval from Memphis City Beautiful.
  4. Mulch requests are limited to one per month per organization.
  5. Deliveries are only available for requests of 3 cubic yards or more
  6. The maximum amount of mulch that can be requested per donation is 30 cubic yards.To request mulch, please complete the form below.