Slam Dunk Litter League  

Memphis City Beautiful is joining forces with the Memphis Grizzlies to put a full court press on litter in Memphis! This fall, teams from all seven City Council districts will face off in a competition to see who can clean up the most litter in their neighborhoods.  

Throughout September and October, teams will score 2 points for each bag of trash they collect, and the top three teams will take home cash prizes plus tickets to a Grizzlies’ game in Mayor Jim Strickland’s suite. The winning team in each district also will receive a Grizzlies swag bag for each member. It’s time we play zone defense and clean up every part of our city!

Registration is open now and ends Friday, Aug. 19.




  • First Place Team Overall: $1,500 provided by I Love Memphis plus tickets to a Grizzlies game in the Mayor’s suite*  
  • Second Place Team Overall: $1,000 provided by the Downtown Memphis Commission  plus tickets to a Grizzlies game in the Mayor’s suite* 
  • Third Place Team Overall: $500 provided by cityCURRENT  plus tickets to a Grizzlies game in the Mayor’s suite* 
  • Winning district teams: A Memphis Grizzlies swag bag for each team member 

*November 2022 game to be determined





Opening day is Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022. The last day points can be submitted is Monday, Oct. 31, 2022. 


Each team must have a captain, team name, and a roster of no more than 10 players, including the team captain. Any player under age 13 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult.  

Cleanup Zones 

Teams must identify which Memphis City Council district they will be collecting litter in. Teams are encouraged to plan their cleanups within their council districts. Memphis City Beautiful is happy to provide guidance on where to find litter hotspots and the best areas to clean. Up to 20 teams can register per district. Download a map of the council districts here to find out which you.  


Each team member must sign a waiver before Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022, to be eligible to compete. Each team member will also be encouraged to wear gloves and a safety vest during each cleanup and follow any applicable COVID policies. 


All teams must register their teams in advance with Memphis City Beautiful. Team captains should also schedule cleanups in advance with Memphis City Beautiful.


Memphis City Beautiful will provide each team with equipment that includes gloves and trash bags. Litter grabbers and additional tools can be borrowed from City Beautiful’s Tool Bank. 

Team members will receive Litter League T-shirts after their team has collected their first 50 bags of litter. 


Team captains are responsible for submitting scores after each cleanup via the Memphis City Beautiful website. Teams will score 2 points for every full bag of litter they collect. Scores must be submitted within one week of the cleanup date. 

Up to 5 tires may be collected and scored at 2 points each as part of a litter pickup. If more than 5 tires are found at a cleanup site, they should be reported on the score submission form to MCB as illegal dumping to be collected by the City. 

Furniture and other bulky items will not be included in scoring and cannot be collected during Litter League. If bulky items are found during cleanups, team captains can report this one their score submission and Memphis City Beautiful will coordinate their removal. 

After registering, teams can identify their own areas of their district to clean. Team captains are also encouraged to consult Memphis City Beautiful to identify areas that are in the most need of litter cleanup. 

Teams are required to complete at least three cleanups during the season. Teams that have not completed at least one cleanup by the end of September will be disqualified from the competition. 

Team Captains

Team captains will be invited to a kickoff event on Thursday, Aug. 25, at Memphis City Beautiful to pick up supplies, learn about scorekeeping, and receive swag for their team. 

Team captains are responsible for scheduling cleanups in advance with Memphis City Beautiful so that bag pickup can arranged, as well as traffic diversion when necessary. It is recommended that cleanups be scheduled. After each cleanup, team captains will submit their scores, with 2 points scored for every full bag or tire (up to 5 per cleanup) collected. 

Team captains will receive a quarterly score update via email as well as the opportunity to compete for incentives every two weeks.  

Interested in being a team captain? Here’s what comes with the job: 

Team captains are responsible for the following: 

  • Serving as the team’s contact person for Memphis City Beautiful regarding all things Litter League and communicating all necessary information to team members 
  • Ensuring that all team members have returned their volunteer waivers before the deadline 
  • Scheduling cleanups in advance with Memphis City Beautiful 
  • Requesting additional supplies from Memphis City Beautiful’s Tool Bank, when necessary 
  • Submitting score details to Memphis City Beautiful after each cleanup, including dates/times, how many bags were collected, and verification photos 

Team captains can also help collect data about littering hotspots during their team’s cleanups. To get involved in this research project, contact   


Email or call 901-636-4410.