Special Event Boxes & Recycle Bins

Memphis City Beautiful can assist with litter abatement for your groups’ special event.

Memphis City Beautiful’s special event litter boxes and recycling bins are available to manage trash and recyclables at community events. One 50-gallon liner will be furnished with each box/bin. 

Up to 10 litter boxes can be requested through the form below. If you need more than 10 boxes, please call (901) 636-4410. Recycling bins are stocked in limited quantities and may not always be available.  

There is no fee for the use of boxes or bins as long as they are returned in good condition. Groups who do not return boxes in reusable conditioned will be assessed $7 per lost or damaged box. 

Please fill out the form below at least two weeks before your event. Someone will contact you to confirm your request. If your event is less than two weeks away, please call Memphis City Beautiful at (901) 636-4410 for verification. 


  • As a guide, it takes approximately one hour for 100 people to fill one litter box based on available items.  
  • The Tool Bank is open Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, 9am to 4:30pm. Pickup and return should be scheduled within those hours. Boxes/bins must be returned the next open day following your event. 
  • Please be prompt for pickup and drop-off times. If you miss your chosen appointment, we cannot guarantee that a staff member will be available to assist you. If you need to change your time, call (901) 636-4410 or email at least two business days prior.  

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