Community Grants

Memphis City Beautiful Community Grant Program accepts proposals up to $500 to help support grassroots community initiatives in Memphis that fall within the focus areas of Litter Prevention, Waste Reduction/Recycling and Beautification/Community Greening. Our grants are designed to promote neighborhood pride, healthier living, and sustainability. 

New grant applications open now! 

Who is eligible for a community grant?

  • Neighborhood associations within the Memphis city limits registered with the Office of Neighborhood Engagement, or 
  • Any community based civic groups such as scouts, churches, youth groups, and garden clubs within the city limits, or 
  • Any school within the limits of Memphis/Shelby County, or 
  • Groups outside the city limits sponsoring Memphis-based projects 
  • Any community improvement project! Organizations that have been funded for the same project for three consecutive years are ineligible; however, they are encouraged to submit new projects for consideration. 

How can i apply?

  • Apply online by filling out the form below.  
  • Download the application and return by email, mail, or FAX.  

When are grant applications due? What are other important dates? 

  • Memphis City Beautiful will accept community grant applications from November 28, 2022, to January 31, 2023. 
  • Grant recipients will be notified on March 2, 2023.  
  • All funded projects must be completed by December 31, 2023. 

You can also download a packet with the application, checklist, and informational summary.

For questions or more information, call 901-636-4410 or email